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Welcome explore bicycles routes in Mikkeli and Juva!

We have a range of bikes for adults and young people, so even families can go cycling together. We also provide the necessary equipment, such as helmets, bike locks and maps, so you can enjoy your bike ride safely.

We’ll be happy to help you choose the right bike and give you tips on suitable routes and attractions in the area. Cycling is a great way to explore the beautiful scenery and sights of Mikkeli and Juva. Take the opportunity to rent a bike from us today!

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Bicycle rentals (only at Siikakoski)

Mountain bikes (5pcs), competition bikes (2), hybrid (1), fat bike (1), gravel (1)

1 hour1-12 hoursDayWeek

Electric bike rental/e-bike (at the moment only one for rent)

1 hour1-12 hoursDayWeek

Transport of bicycles to other places: 20€/100km


They also meander along forest roads and paths near the shores of Lake Saimaa. The bays of the lake are glimpsed as you cycle, and the lake can be seen from the highest points of the hilly terrain. On your return to Siikakoski, you can enjoy sweet or savoury treats with coffee, tea or juice and even have lunch at the Siistonen Bakery Restaurant, 7km away.

Polkupyörävuokraus Mikkeli

We design routes to suit the customer

Here are bike routes at nearby Hiidenmaa:

There you can visit Enkelinpesä (Angel´s nest), 4000 years old prehistoric rock paintings:–kohde-enkelinpesa

1. Bike ride along roads following Siikakoski and Rävykoski rapids:

2. Sylvi`s and Eric`s bike ride on the west side of Siikakoski bay to Vuorilahti:

3.  Bike ride from Siikakoski to Auvila boat pier on the north side of Siikakoski bay:

4. Bike ride to Häräkkäniemi:

5. Bike ride to a berry farm and chainsaw artist gallery:

6. Bike ride to Siiskonen bakery and restaurant:

7. Bike ride around Lake Rautjarvi:

We are situated 29km from the town Mikkeli, in the village of Kuosmala by the lake Saimaa. To the east of us open a network of rivers and smaller lakes, such as Rautjärvi, Evottu (200m away), Saarijärvi,

So you will find a great variety of routes to choose from. We will help you choose an expedition with a
suitable route for you. Lake Saimaa is the biggest continuous lake area in Europe consisting of tens of
thousands of islands reaching all the way from Lappeenranta to Mikkeli, Joensuu, Varkaus.

From RISTIINA, you can cycle along the shores to Kallionieme or Tauko Taipalee, or alternatively paddle to Mikkeli or Anttola or Greater-Saimaa. On the way you can visit the rock paintings of Astuvansalmi (Saimaa Geopark).

Historical landmark in Mikkeli

The Astuvansalmi rock paintings are a prehistoric rock painting complex located near the town of Ristiina, Mikkeli, on the shore of Yövesi in South Savo. The paintings are among the largest in Finland and Fennoscandia. The Astuvansalmi rock paintings were known to some local people even before they were “discovered”.

10km from Ristiina harbour you can rest at Tauko Taipalee boat dock, covered shelter and other social facilities on the beach.