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  • Felet 3K Woven


    Felet 3K Woven with ultra-high strength and stiffness provides consistent and stable shots, creates a solid hitting feel and quick swing.

  • Felet Aero Carbon


    The racket Felet Aero Carbon is suitable for competitive and had hitting fitness players.

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  • Felet Aero carbon lite


    SUITABLE FOR For powerful hard hitting players. Gives a devastating smash without losing the force and control of the stroke. One of the lightest racquet that only weighs 70gram (7U) yet built with very strong structure.

  • Felet Aero Mars 10


    The racket Felet Aero Mars 10 is suitable for both competitive and fitness players. Durable racket. The racket is medium stiff which produces more power a bit like when sling shotting, from here it spins!

  • Felet Carbon woven 18


    Felet Carbon woven 18 is Master level racket, suitable for double and single; for every man and even competition. An all-round defensive racquet, helping players have the precision shots they want.

  • Felet Diamond Woven


    Felet Diamond Woven has shown a great responsiveness during offensive play compared to other attacking racquets, makes it ideal for professional players.

  • Felet F-Force super light


    Felet F-force is a magically high sensitive racket which appears to be easier free control, ultra light yet harder and stronger.  Suitable for offensive and defensive players

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  • Felet kids racket under 8y


    Felet kids racket is suitable for kid under 8 years

  • Felet Sport Force


    Felet Sport Force racket  is suitable for  Advance level players. The racket is designed to give you even more hitting power while allowing for precise hitting and net play. The Carbon system gives you a controlled shot.

  • Felet Super light 300


     FELET SUPER LIGHT SL-300 Badminton Racket has an extremely high head weight of up to 310mm and super light weight for extremely tight hits.  Shoot a powerful shot that plunges straight into the field.

  • Felet super light SL-500


    Felet SL 500 is a very light,  head heavy racket, which can be used for very fast and powerful shots. The tip weight increases the  racket speed towards the hit.

  • Felet The legend Rashid Sidek


    The Rashid Sidek racket is combined with Low Aero Dynamic (L.A.D) frame to minimize air resistance for rapid swing and makes every movement of hitting more easily and smooth