Felet Aero Mars 10


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FLEX: medium
BALANCE: 295mm
more specs, see below
The racket is suitable for both competive and fitness players. Durable racket. The racket is medium stiff which produces more power a bit like when slingshotting, from her it spins! A little head heavy. Great racket to play!
A quality racket at a reasonable price!
Frame Material:Box Frame +  Tri Speed Frame
Shaft Material:7.0 Japan High Strength Nano Booster Tube
(With Powerful Effectiveness + 46 Tonne  Nano Science)
Weight: 86g (3U)Length:675mm +/- 3
Max Tension:35 lbs
Balance:295mm +/- 2 (slightly head heavy)
Grommet:76 Holes Glossy Black

Felet Aero Mars 10 Woven badminton racket is a woven badminton racket designed specially for world ranking badminton player, Ricky Karanda Suwardi from Indonesia.

This racket is suitable for advanced players and is made from high-end material to boost performance as well as durability.

  • Felet Aero Mars 10 Woven is built using woven graphite technology and is constructed with Japan Hi-Modulus Graphite And Hot-Melt System Technology with EVA System. All these to create strong and highly durable racket, even after multiple stringing.
  • The racket is of medium flex which will deliver more power as it will have a kind of sling shot effect. It is well balanced and awesome to play with, and with the price over performance, it gives you the best value for money.



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