Felet The legend Rashid Sidek


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weight: 4U-82g/3U-86g , 82g tai 86g!

Balance: 293-297mm

Max stringing:35LBS

lenght: 675cm

Flex: stiff

Competition racket published to honour the legendary world number one  in the 90`s, Rashid Sidek.

The racket is combination of power and speed. The aerodynamically shaped frame minimizes air resistance and makes shots easier and smoother. Aero carbon tech composite structure allows higher tensions and thus enables hard accurate hits. TOP RACKET COMES AT A GOOD PRICE!

FELET The Legend Rashid Sidek V2 Badminton Racket Free String & Grip - WHITE | Shopee Malaysia

The Rashid Sidek-LIMITED racquet officially released with achromatic white color. This racquet is a perfect blend of Power and Superior Speed! This series is combined with Low Aero Dynamic (L.A.D) frame to minimize air resistance for rapid swing and makes every movement of hitting more easily and smooth!

The Aero Carbon Tech composite has optimum rigidity to bear higher tension for accurate and solid strokes! It has top-notch material with a reasonable price.






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