Felet TJ 1000


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Weight: 2U/90g,  4U/82g

Flex: stiff

Balance: 295mm

Construction: 46 Tonne Japan Hot Melt + 3 In 1 Combi Frame

Frame: Low Aero Dynamic, Wave Transmission, Sling Shot T-Joint

Shaft: 6.5mm Slimmest Woven Shaft + NBT

Shaft Flexibility: Stiff Flex with Powerful Effectiveness

Weight: 2U, 3U ja 4U ; 90, 86 ja 82g

Length: 675mm

Grommet System: 76 Holes

Recommended Tension: 25-30 lbs

Maximum Tension : 35 lbs

Grip size: G1

FELET New Technology of Wave Transmission Design produces extra explosive force to a rapid rebound and swift speed. In fact this technology is strong and highly durable and allows the player to take any shot with superior accuracy. If you’re looking for a racket with a spectacular design, an outstanding control and Excellent offence, then you need to get this WOVEN TJ-1000 racket.

The WOVEN TJ-1000 is innovated by FELET and has the world’s SLIMMEST WOVEN Racket Shaft of only 6.5mm that only available at FELET INTERNATIONAL!!. Uses the superb combination of Nano Booster Tube+(NBT+) with 46 Tonne Japan Hot-Melt Graphite to make the entire racquet body more durable and allow you to react quickly. This is the slimmest 6.5mm WOVEN Shaft ; that can absorb a high amount of blending forces before yielding and provides extra strength and ease free control you’ll ever experience.

100% Original FELET WOVEN TJ 1000 (PRO) WTJ1000PRO (racket only) | Lazada


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