Felet Aero Carbon


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Frame Type :Aero Hexa-Frame WITH WIDE BODY DESIGN.

MATERIAL: Aero-Carbon Technology + 40T Japan Hot Melt Graphite + Nano Science ;

Shaft: 7.0mm Nano Booster Shaft ;

Weight: 4U-82±gram

BALANSSI:  293-297mm

Stringing: MAX 35 LBS

Lenght: 675CM

The racket is suitable for competitive and had hitting fitness players.

Introducing the specialty of FELET latest AERO-CARBON slim shaft; made of 40Tonne hotmelt combination with the latest Aero-Nano technology  being one of the lightest, yet, the strongest structure; made of 40 Tonne hot melt combination with the latest Aero-Nano technology. The best part is, t s, the thickening outer wall of the shaft formed a narrow diameter of the inner side that enable absorb of high amount of bending force thus produces extreme strength in performance. It emerge a magically high sensitive racket which appears to be easier free control, ultra-light, yet harder and strong


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