Ilmatäytteinen kaksikkokajakki RTM Lago TWO Drop Stitch


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RTM Lago TWO dropstitch kaksikossa yhdistyy Ranskalaisen Rotomodin vuosikymmenten kokemus kajakki- ja SUP-lautavalmistajana. Todella laadukas kaksikko jossa nerokkaita yksityiskohtia, viimeisin dropstitch tekniikka.

Lago Two toimii erinomaisesti myös soolona tai suppailussa.

Pitkärunkoinen ja herkkäliikkeinen Lago Two toimii erinomaisesti niin yksikkönä kuin kaksikkona, joella, järvellä kuin merenrannikollakin.

Vakiovarustukseen kuuluu mm. melat, todella mukavat säädettävät istuimet, laadukas kuljetuskassi, tehokas pumppu ja irroitettava evä.

Kajakissa ei ole jalkatukia.

  • Pituus : 474 cm
  • Leveys : 78 cm
  • Korkeus: 33 cm
  • Paino :23 kg
  • Maksimi kantavuus :318 kg
  • LAGO TWO is a new inflatable two-seater kayak from the RTM range.

    It is made of 1000 decitex PVC and with double-skin Drop Stitch technology, ensuring high rigidity and abrasion resistance.

    Its bow and stern are made of rigid polymer. Combined with its V-shaped hull, this kayak has a glide comparable to rigid kayaks.

    The “teak deck” look gives LAGO a unique and attractive look.

    In addition to the look, the emphasis has been placed on paddler comfort: both seats have comfortable backrests, coupled with raised seats. These can be removed according to the choices and sizes of the kayakers.

    Two drainage plugs allow water to be drained after the session to store the dry kayak in its supplied carrying bag. A removable daggerboard, 2 double paddles 4 parts and a HP pump complete the equipment of this product sold in pack.

    The LAGO is designed for nomadic paddlers, looking for the convenience of inflatable, the comfort and rigidity of a traditional kayak to discover kayaking and new spaces.

    The recommended inflation pressure is 10 PSI. Its assembly time is less than 10 minutes


    • Length : 474 cm
    • width : 78 cm
    • Depth: 33 cm
    • Weigth :23 kg
    • Capacity : 2 person
    • Max. charge :318 kg